Come 'Om' with Me: Learn to Meditate

A 28 day course to set you up with your own daily practice to support your wellbeing, even if you're super-busy.

We experience the benefits of meditation most effectively when we integrate it into our daily routines, and supporting you with that was top of mind when I designed this programme.  It even works for super busy people. The daily videos are short, and there’s a short option for each guided audio. Because every five minutes counts.  Over time, all sorts of benefits will accrue, improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  And all from just taking a little bit of time to yourself every day.

The benefits of regular meditation include the following:

effective antidote to stress
improves immunity
normalises high blood pressure
improves ability to manage symptoms associated with many chronic illnesses
improves sleep patterns
helps to counteract anxiety

 Meditation can be an easy and effortless practice. Let me show you how.

Course Curriculum

Hilda Carroll Carroll

“This was a beautifully simple introduction to meditation, an encouragement to build a practice into your every day, so it became everyday.” ~ Joanna, Scotland

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    28 day Meditation ecourse for complete beginners

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Important: This programme does not provide you with medical or other professional counselling advice and is not intended as a substitute for the advice and/or supervision of professional services or support you may need. Please consult your doctor before starting if you are experiencing severe mental health issues or brain-related conditions.